What People are Saying About Jenny's

“This vape is ridiculous! I’m on an important business call and this has me tuned in like a laser. More focused.”

            ~ GE, dispensary principal


“I love the ginseng gummies . The packaging is amazing. They taste great and work awesome. Definitely seem stronger than 5mg”

~ TA, Customer, age 49


“I slept like a baby thank you. God bless you.”

~ JM, Customer, age 50


“All of our budtenders say this is the best vape in New York.”

            ~ SB, NY Budtender 26


“This gummy is juicy! Gives an uplifting mood with clarity. Great for social events and taking on any challenge that requires a positive can-do mindset.”

            ~ CE, NY Female Customer, age 46


“I love this vape pen.

“To be honest I’m more of an old school flower guy,  but now that I have found Jenny’s Posh Puffs I am rethinking my entire use.

I tried the “Sativa Vape with Cured Resin- Disposable Vape Pen”. Unboxing it feels like you just came home from the Apple store.  It oozes quality.   The sleek white design with the heart logo is elegant and the window into the 1g oil is large and full.  “Jenny Loves Me”?  wow. I needed to hear that!

The delivery system is the best that I have ever experienced.   Upon first draw it performed flawlessly, much better than many of the more expensive, non-disposable devices Ive experienced.   It produces an impressive thick and consistent cloud.  I had to temper back my draw just to get the right dose.  The blue light easily shows you are hitting, and it doesnt blink or cut out on you mid draw.  It’s really the way you want all your vapes to hit, with a nice tasty visual exhale.  The box reads “No Center post so no heavy metals”. What? a disposable vape company that’s actually trying?  Wow!   A ceramic heating coil to provide a wider heating surface?  I don’t want to throw this thing out at the end.

On the tongue there is a sweet taste with terpenes of lemon and mint.  The box also says “to deliver the purest terpene flavors no cotton has been added”.  This is clearly evident as the taste really comes through. This is followed by a quick sativa rush that gets your heart pumping.  It settles into a rich clean buzz that’s not foggy.  It’s a heady high that feels exceptionally clean and functional.  The pretty package and perfect hit is backed with a great buzz that lasts a few hours.  A little bit goes a long way!

I never thought I’d be singing the praises of a “Posh Puff” yet here I am.  We are all evolving.  Now I know what all my friends are getting for Christmas!

Overall  It’s a perfect little package  ✴✴✴✴✴  5 stars!  Will definitely buy again and recommend to friends!’

~ NA, NY Restaurant Owner, age 61

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