December 12, 2023

Product Recall Notice

To all New York dispensaries that carry Jenny’s Zee-Zee Gummies:

Last week we were informed by the Office of Cannabis Management that one of our popular sugar-free, kosher products, “Zee-Zee Gummies”, was non-compliant as it had tested outside the 15% variance from the cannabinoid potency stated on the package.

We appreciate the OCM’s diligent efforts to ensure compliance in our industry.

Immediately upon being notified, we reached out to each of you directly. The next day, we discussed the matter in detail in a phone call with OCM. We acknowledged to OCM and to you that although the product was tested, the current COA referred to indicates the product that is in the market. And we pulled up our required recall plan, just in case.

Does this variance pose any danger to the public?

No. It’s important to note that the product was under the variance and below maximum THC limits, therefore the public was never in any kind of peril. On the OCM website, the issue is called a “Level 2 Recall”, which is defined as “

“Level 2 – use or consumption is not likely to cause adverse health consequences. 

Reasons for a Level 2 recall include, but not are limited to:

    • Smudged labels
    • Product does not meet internal quality specifications
    • Labeling or packaging does not meet regulatory requirements”

What’s next?

  1. We are confident in Jenny’s products, the healthy organic ingredients we use, and our recipes and processes. We have updated our formulations, immediately made a new batch, and submitted it to the lab for a new Certificate Of Analysis (“COA”). New, compliant Zee-Zee Gummies will be available soon.
  2. OCM is requiring that the existing Zee-Zee Gummy products be quarantined and recalled. This means that the licensed New York dispensaries carrying Zee-Zee Gummies are required to remove the product from shelves and if anyone asks to purchase, to let them know the product is temporarily not available.

Will this cost dispensaries anything?

No. We recognize that this event creates a brief potential economic hit for NY dispensaries. As a sign of our responsibility and commitment to these important small businesses, we will provide a credit for the full value of all of the unsold Zee Zee Gummy product you have in stock.

  • Dispensaries: Please contact us directly if you want credit.
  • Please provide a count of the Zee Zee Gummies you have quarantined.
  • Upon retrieving the quarantined product, we will send you paperwork on the credit.

What if a customer asks for a refund?

It may happen that a customer has bought and enjoyed Zee Zee Gummies, but decides that instead of a replacement product they want their money back. Jenny’s will honor these requests from the public.

  • Dispensary owners: Please provide the customers’ name, phone numbers, and email addresses so that we may contact them and take care of this directly.

We at Jenny’s are deeply committed to the health and safety of the New York cannabis market, and are working 7 days a week to be worthy of your trust and your business. We appreciate all the messages of support we have received. And again, we sincerely appreciate the OCM for its vigilance and hard work on behalf of our industry.


Your friends at Jenny’s

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