Petit J’s


Euphoria is a profound and exhilarating emotional state characterized by intense happiness, pleasure, and a sense of boundless joy. It can be triggered by achieving a personal milestone, falling in love, or even the consumption of certain substances. While it can be a fleeting sensation, euphoria leaves a lasting impression, serving as a reminder of life’s capacity for profound happiness and the pursuit of moments that bring us sheer delight and bliss.

Product Facts:

Description: Jenny’s Petit J’s are 1/2-gram prerolled joints, rolled in hemp paper with Jenny’s heart on the crutch
Strain: Papaya Candy
Cone: Hemp paper

THC: 20.86%
CBD: .05%
Total THC: 1.04 g
Total CBD: 3 mg

Recommended Serving: Jenny’s guidance on prerolls is always to “begin low and slow”. So our recommended serving is: 1 puff to start, then see how you feel. If you feel you can take another, go ahead. If you are a new user, take a small hit at first and wait a few minutes for effects. Everyone’s body chemistry is different, so be patient and kind to yourself!
Servings per package: Each package contains 10 half-gram prerolls. 5 grams of cannabis per box.

Sustainability: Jenny’s packaging is fully recyclable where recycling services are available.

Where to Buy

Petit J’s are available now (“Where to Buy Jenny’s“). If your dispensary doesn’t carry Jenny’s, tell them to start!


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