Savor the smooth and rich texture of our Worry-Free Caramels, enhanced with a zesty hint of orange. These caramels are not just a feast for your palate but also a guilt-free indulgence. They’re Sugar-Free, Vegan, Kosher, and lovingly made with all organic ingredients. Perfect for those with dietary restrictions, they’re dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, and keto-friendly. The full spectrum cured cannabis resin (hash resin) ensures a balanced cannabis experience.

Product Facts:

Description: Sugar-free, dairy-free vegan kosher caramel hearts
Flavor: Caramel with a hint of coconut and orange
Shape: Heart
Color: Caramel
Serving Size: One caramel is 3.5 grams in weight.
Cannabis: Full spectrum cured cannabis resin (hash resin) that includes 5 mg of fast-acting THC + 2.5 mg CBD
Recommended serving size: 1 heart gummy. Jenny’s guidance on cannabis edibles is to “begin low and slow”. If you are a new user, take half a gummy or less, and wait up to 1 hour or more for effects. Everyone’s body chemistry is different, so be patient and kind to yourself!
Sustainability: Jenny’s packaging is fully recyclable where recycling services are available.
Servings per package: 10 caramel hearts

Health and Dietary Intentions:

· Sugar-Free
· Vegan
· Kosher
· Keto-friendly
· Dairy-free
· Gluten-free
· Made in a nut-free environment
· Made with all organic ingredients
· Fast-acting full spectrum cured cannabis resin (hash resin).

Ingredients: Organic coconut cream, organic allulose, organic freeze-dried orange powder organic vanilla extract, organic sea salt, organic xanthan gum, full-spectrum cured cannabis resin.

Worry-Free Caramels are available now.


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