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Who is Jenny?

Jenny is a successful female entrepreneur who’s forging a path for women in the New York cannabis industry. She is one of the first people to be licensed by the State of New York in both hemp and cannabis, and one of the few female processors in the United States.

Jenny is a single mother who raised her three kids in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, and a cancer survivor who wanted to treat her post-surgery period solely with cannabis. Finding only sugar-filled edibles on the market, Jenny committed her professional life to creating the healthiest cannabis products in the world. It’s safe to say that no one in the cannabis industry is more dedicated to health and wellness than Jenny.

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Foundation of LOVE

“Jenny’s was born of my own journey to find an alternative method to healing and preventing.  My passion to share the cannabis plant, the way it was intended to be used all along, was a natural next step.  My focus lies deep in the health and wellness of each individual. For those looking for a gentler approach to using the plant, Jenny’s THC product line will lovingly take care of you.”

– Jenny Argie, Founder 


Jenny’s products have been developed with diligence and love to be the highest quality and healthiest cannabis edibles ever made. Other companies have dabbled at healthy edibles and some have done admirable work, but none has put it all together like Jenny’s. Our gummies are sugar-free so people with sugar-restrictions like diabetics, cancer patients, and calorie-conscious can enjoy cannabis edibles for the first time. Those who value dietary choices like vegan or kosher foods can enjoy them, too! But we didn’t stop there, we scoured the market for ingredients that are organic, wheat-free and gluten-free, and keto-friendly. We make our products in a nut-free environment. Our gummies are dairy-free and our milk chocolate is sourced organic.

The Heartbeat of the Hudson Valley

We come to you from the heart of the Hudson Valley. Where the rhythms of nature have ruled for centuries. The land knows how to heal our bodies.  We partner with the most soulful cultivators in New York that share our vision. And Jenny’s products bring their healing medicine to you. Your experience is the most important goal we have in mind when developing products. Thank you for placing your trust in us.

Jenny's Baked at Home

Did you know we have a sister brand? The OG brand in the New York Hemp community, Jenny’s Baked at Home, was a foray into sharing this plant medicine.  After using full-spectrum hemp extract with highly potent CBD as personal recovery, Jenny was surprised. She felt rejuvenated, relaxed, and ready to take on the world! That’s when she decided to develop her own product line of CBD-infused cooking products and baked goods.

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